Adaptive Behavior Profiles of Intellectually Gifted Children with Autism

Idk if I’m considered “gifted”

@Crystal-Cotton I’d say you are- 2e.

That article ties in with my experience. I spent the period after O levels in a constant state of high anxiety wondering how I’d cope with the increased independent living that would be part of university life. That, combined with the bullying I was subjected to, really did a number on me mental health wise. My independent living skills lagged behind my intelligence level by a significant amount.

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I was incredibly intelligent when I was a kid

It was never nurtured by my educators but was recognised

My disruptive behaviour caused me issues

Drug taking damaged my brain, then SZ happened

For my generation there was no such thing as

~ Twice exceptional - Wikipedia . No recognition of disharmonic/spiky profiles. That you could struggle in one area while being very intelligent in another area of intelligence. There weren’t also the support networks then that are available now.

I wondered what 2e was. Never seen it before