Actually had a decent day

I had a decent day at work today, for a change. Today got me thinking maybe things are not going to end horribly with my new job. What a relief, I’ve been so depressed and anxious for the past week. I was actually able to keep up today, it was nice.

My boss never emailed me back regarding possibly transferring to a different job in the hospital pharmacy department.

I just thought I would post this update since some of you may have been a little worried about me, with all that talk about possibly hanging myself if things go terribly wrong, as I was expecting them to go.


Oh GREAT! I just posted asking how you were in your last thread before reading this so don’t worry about responding.

I hope your boss gets back to you.

I’m having trouble with work at the moment. I have major deadlines in September and we’ve just been given unachievable targets to reach for the year but that doesn’t put me off trying! So I made the decision to increase my part time hours from three days per week to four days. I reduced a couple of weeks ago after a minor almost relapse but my claim numbers didn’t go down so I was still expected to manage 216 claims in three days per week.

So I was really feeling the pressure every day I would be in so I decided that I should increase my hours. I don’t think my Mum will be happy when I speak to her next about it, she’s the one who urged me to reduce my hours in the first place. But at the same time, she doesn’t really have insight into the workload I manage.

I feel you on work pressure. Mine’s not as bad as yours (not that it’s a competition) but I still feel where you’re coming from.


Sorry to hear you’re having so much pressure at work. What kind of work do you do? Do you think you can handle the extra hours? Or do you think the extra hours will alleviate the pressure to an extent?

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I work in worker’s comp insurance. I deal with very old claims and claims for catastrophic injuries.

I’ll either deal with the extra day and better handle my workload, or I’ll crumble. I have a really supportive team leader and managers who are aware of my schizophrenia and make a lot of allowances for me if I need them but I don’t ask for them and find that people who don’t have the same issue as me need more assistance and coddling. Mind you, I don’t know their personal circumstances so I’m not judging them, everyone has issues to deal with and we all deal with them differently.

I really admire you, I’d love to be a pharmacist. But I didn’t follow through with science in my senior years of high school 19 years ago and I think I’d struggle with the chemistry side of it.

In my job I get the opportunity to learn a lot about medical science and treatments so I know a lot about pharmaceuticals and surgeries etc, but my perspective of them is not a healing one, it’s a liability one.

I have this pipe dream to study biomedical science and go on to study health management and work in a specialist team of our work all about injury management, assisting claims managers like me in understanding medical information and requests for surgery and other treatments. But I have a lot of pipe dreams. I’d also like to be a librarian and an OT.

When I graduated high school I went on to study natural therapies and specialised in chinese acupressure and reflexology. There was a huge component of anatomy and physiology we had to learn, smae lefel as an enrolled nurse, and I loved it. I’d like to access that passion again in my work. And I guess I get to to an extent.

Sorry buddy, I just crapped on about me me me in this post. I should be talking about you you you!!

Lol it’s ok, you’re fine. Sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind having a desk job like that, less back pain if nothing else. I’m not actually a pharmacist, though, I’m a pharmacy tech. Big difference in pay and responsibilities.

I studied quite a bit of anatomy myself, both as an undergrad and then really intense study the year I was in med school, did the cadaver dissection, fascinating experience!

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I was just remembering when we went to the uni wet lab to examine the cadavers that the med school students had dissected! It was great, I learned a lot.

I remember a 90 year old woman’s corpse and she had glitter nail polish on!

My lab group dissected an 80 year old woman. No nail polish, though.

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I’m happy to hear you’re doing better.

Take care :v: