Abused again

I keep feeling like a family member is abusing me while im asleep. Its not just a dream. I really think its real. I think they misdiagnosed me. You guys are predispositioned to say its not real, but what if it is? What do I do I don’t feel safe. The medicine could be causing the negative symptom like symptoms.

Unless you’ve woken up and found him or her touching you, I would say it’s not real…when I was delusional I thought I was sexually abused too…it was not true…

What evidence do you have?

Thanks for the comments. I think I realize now its not real. Had trouble before I read those comments. Needed some other people’s opinions on the matter. Thanks!

I’m glad we could help.You’re not alone in this. I went through something similar when I first got sick. It was not true.