About these case managers

My pdoc recommended me to go to this mental health faculty. It has activities to do and he said a case manager might be a good idea. Scared of that idea. Any of you have (had) one of these?

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Hi there~
A case manager (a good one! ) is an excellent idea!
Normally, they can hook you up with all kinds of services and activities. help you find jobs, groups, etc…They are your go to person. Good luck!


thought i would say hi.
i have a case manager , it is nothing to be worried about, they are there to help and have all the updated info.
take care

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Hi there. Does yours go to your house? He said they can.

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Thank you. I didn’t know there could be things out there . makes me super nervous

if i wanted her to come to the house she would, she is very nice and helpful.
take care

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There is help out there. And yes-they will go to your house if you need them to. My son`s case manager goes to his house once a week. She helps him out with schedules, paperwork and such

I’ve had case managers off and on since I was 13, I’m 30 now. Mine is great. She takes me to appointments and social services. She has connected me with all kinds of services. I’m really grateful for her. When I was a teenager I had a TSS, therapeutic support staff, who went with me to school. During the summer I had one who would hang out and talk to me all day. I became really good friends with the TSS I had in the summer. Don’t be nervous though, it’s a good thing. :sunny:

I had case manager for 3 years,they would probably terminate this year