ABLE bank account?

Does anyone have an ABLE bank account? I am trying to do my application and I’m not sure which type of account I should get.

I am thinking probably Moderately Conservative, Conservative, or just Checking. The descriptions are kind of fancy and use terms I don’t understand.

Any help is appreciated~

I have an able account but I don’t recall those options sorry

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That’s okay. I called their office and left a message for more info on the types.

What is ABLE?


An ABLE account is designed to help with the ridiculous asset limits on SSI or SSDI. If you can prove you were disabled before 26 you can get an ABLE account and save some money for more than just the little things that sufferers like me had when I was younger (I am on a Special Needs Account instead which means I have to ask my family for the limited purposes the money allows me to use it for.) The ABLE account is really best used if you are earning some money as it would be difficult to save a lot of money otherwise. But as usual the government has put limits on how much you can save since it was introduced and it was originally supposed to be a way for your family to enhance your money through gifts as it was limited to the amount you can give a gift without taxes being assessed. Nobody probably told you about it because they may not want you to know. It’s too liberating of a thing.

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