Abilify ————

I’ve been on abilify just over three weeks and not done anything for me

what dose are you on?

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When I started Abilify,

I noticed an increase in my anxiety in a couple days.

But it took about a solid month to start working on my positive symptoms.

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I think I’m on 10 mg

Abilify takes ages to work. I think the first time I was put on it, it took 2 months to work.

It’s also possible that it’s not the med for you though.

I’m already on clozapine as well

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doesn’t the clozapine help?

I was actually going to ask you if they took you off Clozapine.

But I’d give abilify more time.

I’ve been on it fifteen years
They cannot increase dose because of side effects and risk of fits
Been on seroxat twenty years might need change that
Seeing doctor tomorrow
Thanks for your input guys


ah yea i understand… i hope the abilify will help for you eventually. Best of luck with the med changes!

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Abilify didn’t do anything for me either.

I had to be on it for two months before it ‘worked’.

First time round.

Hang in there

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