Abilify? ... Yes please! (Toothpaste)

How yall doing ? Well heres some more topics about my abilify so youre welcome for that loooooooool. Today I had just decided not to use water with toothpaste and that adjustment just made me so enlightened and with that now my teeth wont be yellow no more LOL But ya if you looking into taking abilify then let me tell you its a good drug to be on. Makes me so psyched half the time. I talked in group and it was the best feeling in the world

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Congratulations, abilify works for you.

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Idk if you remember me but I wanted to try what you did with abilify with rexulti to hopefully get some improvement on my alogia. So far it hasn’t really helped, maybe I have to try it with abilify.

Great that you’ve found a med that works for you.