Today it kicked in improving my alogia

Its been almost 4 and a half weeks and today I noticed my alogia symptoms have become normal. I’m more myself in conversation, now I can do my witty remarks (just flexin) like I would do, I never used to be the funny guy when my illness hit/ Thats what I’ve been missing



What kicked in? You’re talking about some sort of medicine I suppose :slight_smile:

You have me really excited about this Abilify, alogia is my one persistent symptom. Do you think Rexulti also works for alogia? It is very similar to abilify. I want my speech back, do you think Rexulti would work too?

bs theres no med for that

I don’t see why not with Rexulti. I read up on abilify and pleasantly enough it describes an improvement in speech productivity. So you really never know what luck you stumbled upon when being perscribed a medication. But to answer your question, I have a more positive disposition when it comes to all medications working, with the exception of the ones that don’t.

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They’re basically the same drug;