Abilify vs Latuda

Which has worked better for you and why?

I am thinking of changing to latuda because I am under the impression it is good for concentration and attention.

I’m also under the impression it’s better than abilify/aripiprazole for weight gain.

Any input is appreciated, thank you.

Also, how is it for energy levels? Abilify generally has the profile of good energy level. But I don’t know about latuda at all to be honest.

Abilify sent me into a frenzy and I ended up in hospital

Latuda allowed me to be almost normal for about 18 months until the pills were giving me terrible restlessness, and I had to switch

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Are you able to recollect if you were able to read on latuda?

I’m a student and so I want to gauge if it’ll help me with concentration.

It’s bad it became a cause for restlessness. Do you have any idea from the drs how that happens? I take it this was different from anxiety but more akin to akithisia (?)

I didn’t try it, but I was working in a office job at the time, and don’t remember any issues with concentration

I think these days there is a lot of help at college campuses if you’re attending a physical college for study - they can give you some additional support so you can ask for more time etc if your concentration makes things more difficult.

Yep it was Akisthisa but I do now have an Anxiety dx.

I never really got an explanation. The pdoc stepped in when the pharmacist was recommending a beta blocker, and he put me on Haldol

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Abilify is the best generally in term of side effects because it is a partial agonist. I think at the end it depends on what side effects you subjectively get.

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As far as I’m aware it’s only licensed for schiz in the uk not sure if they prescribe off license to bipolar patients. I wasn’t offered it but generally abilify didn’t cause me weight gain.

I tried both but each had its advantage, I liked Latuda more but I had some positive symptoms on it, bad nausea and bad akathisia. I couldn’t sleep well at night.

On Latuda I was working a low stress job in my mother’s accounting office full time but I had no emotions or sociability, couldnt hangout with friends or go to the gym. On Abilify I couldn’t work but had some of my emotions, was hanging out with friends and going to the gym everyday.

I was on 20mg Abilify for 8 years then switched to 80mg Latuda, we tried 120mg but the akathisia was unbearable I was jumping in the house for hours lol


I was on Latuda for a year.

I have been on both Abilify and Latuda (I was also on Clozaril 400mg at the same time for both of them). Abilify didn’t do anything for me at all at 30mg but I also don’t remember having any side effects from it. Latuda helped me with my negative symptoms a little bit but i stopped it because it was putting me into a catatonic state when the dose was raised to 120mg. After stopping Clozaril I tried Latuda again by itself but when it got to 60mg it made me throw up every time I took it so I came off of it.

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Same for me! I stopped it.

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Same too lol the second time I tried it.

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It was horrible. It was like I was telling my muscles to move but they just wouldn’t. It’s hard to explain.

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I have catatonia when I stop meds too, it was worse off meds.


Latuda was good for my positive symptoms, but I had a LOT of side-effects.
Nausea, vomiting, rashes, TD…
It did give me more energy to be outgoing and initiate interactions, though

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Latuda has been a godsend, haven’t had a single hallucination or delusional thought in years. No side effects at all. I tried Abilify and it did nothing for me, was hallucinating all the time.


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