Abilify maintena

Is the abilify maintena 400 mg injection every 28 days equivalent to taking 14 mg orally everyday?
Also which is “more”, invega sustenna 100 mg or abilify maintena 400 mg?

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abilify 400mg in jection is better if your male.
invega sustenna is lower but also can make you if male or female produce breast milk.

I don’t know about which is “more” between those two, but I can tell you that Abilify/aripiprazole is one of the stronger atypical APs and, for the Abilify Maintena depot shots, 400 mg is the max dose. I receive 400 mg every three weeks, because every four weeks simply was not cutting it. I did well on 15 mg/day oral Abilify, as well, when I was on that years ago.

I’ll admit, though, that I don’t know much about Invega or Invega Sustenna, or Invega Trinza, for that matter. Invega is one of the few atypicals I’ve never been tried on, but I’ve heard some awful things about it here on the forum, especially Invega Sustenna.