Abilify cold turkey what precautions to take

hello friends,

I am off abilify because I started developing TD. I was on 5 mg dose and quiting it cold turkey.
Any body else had same experience.
What precaution do I need to take?

Appreciate your inputs in Advance,

You haven’t been diagnosed with TD. Please talk to your doctor about everything.

I talked with my doctor. she said symtoms looks like TD and she took me off medication as we speak.
I am still going to see my primary care doctor on 27th and Neurologist on 6th. Any tips appreciated.

do you guys take any thing as prevention for TD? Before it happends? would like to start some thing on that line before I start my new drug

Apologies. I didn’t realise. You should be able to quit 5mg abilify cold turkey without any major issues as it has a huge half life.

I don’t think there’s anything that can prevent TD other than switching meds. If you have TD then vitamin b6 helps.

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Thank you everhopeful. Appreciate it. Any idea/experience on Artane(Triheyphnidyl) or melatonin or lecithin compounds?

seems long term use of anti psychotic would cause TD in atleast 30% of people and only 5 % case is non reversible (internet info). what do most people do that is what I am wondering. trying to follow mass here.

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also amatadine!! any one??

I don’t know much about TD to be honest. I know that clozapine has the lowest risk of TD but clozapine carries other risks.

My advice is don’t panic. It’ll probably go away on it’s own.

It will go away this time. but I will have to start other anti psychotic soon which also carries risk of
TD. What then? What do most people do? Thats what I am trying to find out.

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You could browse this


But I’ve browsed it and there’s no prevention just treatments.


Thank you everhopeful. much appreciated.

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