Abilify causes compulsiveg gambling!

I started taking abilify with lorazepam on 1st april and on 14 th april i stopped lorazepam and was discharged. On 3rd of may i opened a pokerstars account and wanted to deposit 1000$ but thankfully the bank declined the transaction and I left without paying any money. Do pay attention from abilify it has ugly side effects. this all happened in 2017

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I think it just depends on the person. I have been on abilify for like 10 months or more now and I have not had any gambling issues. I have heard stories from others though who have gone down that path.

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I only gambled twice in my life and it was before sz. I’ve been on abilify for 6 years without such compulsions.

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Yea but there is other side effects like sedation and extrapyramidal symptoms like slow walking and reduced appetite these all happened to me on abilify

invega was the Well tolerated regarding EPS

It’s different for everyone. My appetite was increased at 15mg and reverted to almost normal at 10mg.

I was on Abilify 6 years and never got into gambling? I wasn’t much of a gambler anyway.

check what the FDA said about it

I’m on abilify and won’t gamble

I do have problems with smoking weed tho

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