Abilify and compulsive gambling - now registered side effect


as BMS (Bristol-Myers Squibb) the makers have had quite a few lawsuits. Because of the cases it now hold a Warning :
‘U.S. Abilify Warning Label Now Includes Compulsive Gambling’


I think all anti psychotics should carry this warning and also anti depressants…

if it took away negative symptoms and make us feel great again lol then we shoudnt have to gamble and make this life a better place in the first place!


When i took abilify, i wasted soo soooo much money lol.

But i think it made me manic, it was very activating which led to buying random shiit i didnt need.


It never gave me the urge to gamble or make impulse purchases.

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I’m on it right now and have no urges to gamble.

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I’m on abilify 22.5 mg and I don’t feel any want to gamble, but each medicine reacts to people differently.


This happened to me when I took aripiprazole (ability)… Such a bizarre side effect, I was sitting up all night playing online poker, bingo, blackjack etc… It is such a weird thing that a psychiatric drug can make you do this. I almost wouldn’t have believed it was possible if it hadn’t happened to me.


Turquoise, yeah me too,


Your forgetting slot machines lol

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Oh yeah lol, those damned things are just money-suckers!

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I’m on Abilify and have no urge to gamble or shop

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Sometimes they pay off if youre lucky, did 100$ bets for 1 spin on abilify then hit a bonus round, who woudnt go crazy :wink:


I had the urge to splash some money! I’m on 10 mg of abilify.
Thank god it wasn’t on gifts only for me :sweat_smile:

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I better keep an eye on my autistic daughter. Any weird charges or flights to Vegas


I am on 15mg abilify and I have a gambler friend who often asks me what/who they should bet on. But so far I’ve managed to stay away from this “occupation”.

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Lol you got lucky… I just got totally screwed by those things. Thankfully I no longer have these urges :wink:

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I’ve been seeing examples of how addictive gambling can be, even without any medications affecting your behavior. It’s scary.

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lucky? nono… i got screwed very badly im affraid too


Oops sorry I misunderstood… yes the slots are evil, might as well just chuck a big wad of cash in the fire!


It made me gamble. And I never was interested in gambling.

I lost a lot of money.

The side effect is real!

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