Abilify and Memory Loss

I still don’t know if I’m Bipolar or Schizoaffective, but I have yet to be able to be put on something else other than Abilify which is causing memory loss severely. I requested Lexapro or Vyvanse but she wouldn’t prescribe it since I was unable to take the full dose of Abilify and she wouldn’t refill my script without an appointment that she wouldn’t make due to putting me on same day sick.

I’m finally off that. She put me in with a new psychiatrist. I was also told to sign a billing agreement which was actually a release statement I found out later where my dad could be “a part of my treatment plan and have access to my records” that is not informed consent! That is a violation of my privacy. I’m so upset. Just because my dad left an angry voicemail didn’t give her a reason to lash out at me. She could have tried at all to help me.

She put me on Buspar and then took me out of the system for 2-3 months and I was left to fend for myself and figure ■■■■ out. Which meant withdrawing from Buspar due to side effects and not being in communication with anything but a ■■■■■■■ answering machine and a front desk that lacks communication skills because they didn’t record my 3 appointments.

This is what fuels my frustration. I am soooo sooo tired of being told for the past 10 appointments, hey wanna try an Abilify injection? what the ■■■■ I said no!!! I dont need to I take my medication even though it’s not enough on its own!!!

What does my dad say? Oh that sux. Too bad.

ANYTHING that deceases your intelligence is a waste of time and money. I used to actually be a smart person. I took the SAT at age 13. College level! I got an interview with a Harvard Alumni that my dad told me not to bother with. I am sick of being screwed over!

@StarryNight From what you are expressing, Abilify might not be the right drug for you - it was not the right drug for me. Are you open to try another antipsychotic? Maybe you need something else other than Abilify. I would talk to your pdoc and see what can be done. Don’t give up this early in the game - you are still young, there are altenatives

Hi Starry Night - We are in the process of changing up my son’s meds. He is currently on only Abilify 10 mg for his ap. He was originally prescribed and taking Zyprexa and Trilafon, along with the Abilify, but stopped taking the first two on his own accord. He has been taking only Abilify 10 mg for 4 months and has been spiraling down into psychosis and delusions ever since.

Anyway, my point is that he is going to go on an injection. I was surprised when his highly respected pdoc recommended Abiilify injection. When questioned about this, he told me the injection was far superior to the pills.

I’m not taking Abilify but have memory problems with the Saphris I am on. My pdoc prescribed me Donepezil. Its something they give to people with dementia but I find it is helping. It might be worth looking into for you.

I’m not even going to bother.

I’m a caffeine junkie anyways.

Be carefull with abilify and memory loss. I got memory loss, which is not the same as you will get it.

What do u mean Mottec? Do you think it will go away? It could have to do with decreasing the dose?

I mean that you should take it seriously if you get memory loss. It wont go away, it will only get worse or at best be the same. I got severly damaged from Abilify, but not all do. I just think that if you are one of those who get bad memory loss, you should be carefull with it. It wont go away.

Ok thankyou I will bring this up and try to find something else that works better.