A week without alcohol... now it's tough

@Daze Politicians over and over promise jobs.

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oil pipeline fight, they should be paying Natives thru their lands,

like farmers get paid for wind turbines there.


Thanks for the good spirit you are sending all of you.

I will try to stay sober, @Daze i am on those alcohol pills, so i cant just drink, i have to decide to do it, and i want.

Im glad it get’s easier @Ooorgle and yes @leaf , i really like the healthy feeling after i stopped, and will try to appreciate it more.


I begged for Antabuse years ago (Disulfiram) but never ever got it.
At the end of the day - it just takes willpower.

I go about 3 months or so - but i will usually pick a drink up after a while, then feel guilt and remorse and have a new quit date.


Yeah, i have heard that too. My plan is to stay on antabuse for a couple of weeks and then stay sober without afterwards.


I wish you well!

I’ve been sober for 8 months currently. It’s still hard some days. I’ve always heard the first week is hardest, but it wasn’t for me. It just comes and goes.

Two major things that have helped me:

  1. A support group—I have no doubt I would not be sober right now without one


  1. Spending time thinking through and writing about why I drink when I used to drink (or when the urge comes up in sobriety). Some themes may emerge and you may be able to work on those with a therapist. The problem wasn’t all inside the bottle, so it won’t be cut out just because you stopped the bottle. Those reasons you sought it out are likely still there.

Thank you @rocket 8 weeks without alcohol. Well done and thank for your advices.

I didn’t drink that much so i had not any symptoms of withdrawal. I guess the first week is very bad if you get withdrawals.

I’m not very good to participate in group therapy, but i will think about a support group. Right now it has been good just venting it here.

Yes, i definitely have think why i drink. No the problem is not inside the bottle. When i am happy or neutral it is no problem staying sober, but when im having a depressive periode, i really have to find other coping strategies.


Thinking of you and how you are doing.

I didn’t know about this. So what’s going on in Native lands? I rarely watch the news

You’re too good of a human being to let alcohol take you over. I think I’ve seen you drunk on the forum maybe once and you were saying some mean stuff. So unlike you. You called someone a peasant. I was worried about that.

My dad said my grandfather would brush the walls with a broom when he was withdrawing. Said he saw worms all over the walls


Yeah i apologised to the person about that :frowning:

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Hugs and more hugs :hugs:. Sorry I shouldn’t have called you out in public like that. Foot :foot: in my mouth (it’s an expression that means I said something stupid)

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Lol - dont worry about it. :smiley:

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So you don’t sing anymore at all? I loved being in the school choir. My daughter’s a pretty good singer too. I also sang in university.

Oopsy off topic. Lo siento


No not for years, cant sing at all now. Years of smoking and drinking has put paid to that. I did a theatre production called “Ruddigore” about 9 years back, something that my old GP got me todo, cos he had a starring role - and that was a struggle.

Dont think i got the confidence now in all honesty.


Someone wrote this already but AA
has some pretty good advice. When you feel those cravings and you want to drink, play it through in your mind. Picture the whole process of what’s going to happen if you drink. If you have one beer , it will lead to another. You may feel good for a short while but you will want more and you’ll feel bad afterwards. You will regret it and probably beat yourself up for giving in. You will have the remorse that you gave in.

If you are trying to quit for good you will run into temptation occasionally. You have to figure out what will work to successfully fight that temptation. That is what AA is good for. If you join AA you will always have a support system. AA members don’t mind giving out their phone
numbers to each other so that you don’t have to fight the urges to drink alone. Help and support is available 24/7.


I can’t speak for all addicts or alcoholics but for me, when I finally got serious about my drug problem and joined AA (yeah, I got clean from drugs in both CA and NA) and I committed myself to the program After about 3 months of regular meeting attendance, I went to bed one night with strong cravings and the obsession and compulsion to use was so strong that my old way of thinking took over.

I laid in bed and made plans to take a bus to some family friends house in the morning, borrow a $100 and then take the bus 10 miles to my old drug haunts and buy some rocks and smoke them.
I felt the old familiar anticipatory high and fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning and my first thought was: that was totally crazy. My plans were totally crazy. And that morning my obsession and compulsion to use were lifted from me and since that day in 1990 those feelings have never come back. I am never tempted to use. I have too much of the AA and CA program in me to use. It’s 31 years later and I’ve been to over a 1000 meetings. The program works.


I quit drinking 15 years ago. The first two years were the hardest, but I don’t even want it anymore

I couldn’t go back to it now if I tried


I struggle with alcohol. I would say its an addiction although I can go months without it without cravings but I don’t have much willpower and when I drink I go through long binges and this causes problems. I think the wake up call me when the other week I choked on a bit of kabab, I was that drunk I didn’t panic, thank god but it stayed in my throat long enough for my friend to dial 999 and speak to the operator for he says a minute then I was able to swallow, I ended up nose planting into the carpet afterwards I was so intoxicated. Since then I haven’t been able to drink or eat kababs, google search is fill of stories where people have chocked on kababs when drunk. This is a big wake up call for me.

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