Really tempted to go for a Pint

I havent seen a soul for a week - apart from a chat from my Neighbour Debs.
And now ive got the urge to bog off down the pub for a Cold Guiness.
Someone please tell me to stay in and get over it. Its no good telling me
to order a soft drink - cos i know damn well i wont.

Im missing the banter and laughs from the pub. Im Youtubed up to my ears,
and if i watch anymore TV i will go crazy.

Ive been dry almost a month now - Ive looked for an AA meeting but there
is none local this evening. I might even buy a bottle of alcohol free Shandy
or some Kaliber - at least i will get the taste for it.

Someone tell me to get a grip :frowning:


Don’t go. Stay sober. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

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Don’t do it
You’d be better off with a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar

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I havnt drunk since the 11 of may. It feels great.

Dont give in Rodger :slight_smile:

Remember how nice it feels being sober !!

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Yeah - You are all correct. Im having a wobble. Think ill take the cat out the back for a while and get out
the flat. Sorry. Im seriously lacking human company at the moment…


Stay strong, the feeling of a relapse wont help anything.

Does a near beer help or just make it worse? I know someone who is doing amazing via just grabbing a near beer (from the grocery store, not in a bar) every so often (hes about 4 years sober now).

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Glad you decided against it.

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I might just chance it and get some Alcohol Free Beer (Kaliber),
It might stave off my cravings…


NO!!! Alcohol does not make my life easier. Its a short-term solution to a long-term problem!
Please dont suggest that to an Alcoholic!


well rog go get help AA might help

No ive decided - im gonna take percy for a long walk along the beach (on a lead) so he can wind
up the seagulls. and get a 99p bottle of Shandy…


good man @Naarai

Long walk on beach sounds nice
Have you thought of a little volunteer work to get out during week

btw…@Naarai don’t be asking what u should do on a sz site, do your own tin

I’m glad you are not going to the pub.

Do you have a harness for walking Percy? How’s Percy feeling – you had mentioned a couple days ago that he was not moving from the bed.

A walk might do both of you some good. If Percy is not up for a walk (cats are not often good on a leash), then go for a walk by yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hold on to yourself. “euphoric recall” is a great danger. Think of all the trouble alcohol has caused you. Think of the trouble it might get you in. Hold onto yourself.


I’m glad you’re not going to the pub.
Remaining sober would be best!


Can you get hypnotized not to drink like they do for smoking?

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Saw this a little late… As a fellow alcoholic, some thoughts/which hopefully turn into advice. You seem to like Guiness, which has roasted hops, similar to chocolate beans, and coffee beans. (If I recall what my Dad taught me awhile back.)

Coffee has detractors, but I love going to the local coffee shop, and it DOES make me feel BEAUTIFUL. You can “people watch” at a bare minimum, and it’s a change of scenery, and for me it forces me to take a short drive, too. Paying up for quality coffee does it for me, I swear it’s uplifting without the jitters.

Just a brainstorm to try an help.

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I find drinking Kombucha helps ward off alcohol cravings. Or flavored seltzer water or coke.

Anything but alcohol!! Best wishes :slight_smile:

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