A very nice evening with my family

I showered (after two weeks of no showers), and went by car to two cemeteries with my sister and nephew. We went to visit the graves of our mother, brother, and my son.

After that, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We ate in. I paid. It was wonderful. I got too full for a moment.

Then, we went to my sisters house where she gave me a brand new, super blingy, pink smartphone case. That’s her style.

Then, she made me a cup of coffee. Bless her.

Next, we discussed her many animals both domestic and wild. And even looked at photos.

Then, my nephew and my sister drove me home. It was a wonderful day.


My evening was nice too, I went out of my house for the 1st time since I became stable a year ago. I went shopping with my mother.

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