A TV show motivates me to lose weight

A show called my 600 lb life it has taught me what I need to do to lose weight and lose it in a good way… I learnt how fast of weight loss is good for my size and I’ve been doing pretty well and I’m on my way to a healthy weight I lost 10 lbs in a month and that is healthy according to the Dr. on the show… His diet works! Finally I’m feeling good about myself and I feel like I can do it now!


I watch that all the time, usually while exercising. It’s great motivation. I can do it too.

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@anon78876561 I watch it during, before, and after eating! It keeps my eating habits in check glad it helps you too! We got this!

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Good for you! 1lbs at a time!

You’ll feel so much better the more weight you lose, just psychologically your self esteem goes up and knowing you are healthier makes you feel better

I weighed myself today and I am 173lbs, just 9lbs away from my BMI weight. I use to weight 240lbs.

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@Headspark good job!

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