A tough commute

It was only 15 minutes through traffic. The middle school lets out right when I get off work. Plus a lot of cars on the road around 3:00 pm. Then the neighbors. As usual I just want to be left alone. But it never works that way. In order to be left alone you have to bother other people, that’s just the way it works.

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What really irritates me is detours.

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This town is over run by traffic doughnuts and people who don’t know how to use them.

I took my own detour instead of going straight down Main street. But when I popped out to the highway to make a u-turn, it was too busy. I couldn’t get across four lanes of traffic to the usual place I turn around. I had to go the opposite direction about a 1/4 of a mile to find an easier place to make a u-turn.

What’s a traffic doughnut, Surprised?

It’s a big circular thing planted in the middle of an intersection that has no stop signs and it’s a merge in merge out.

This can be in every intersection of a street for miles.

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I see. Thanks. I think I’ve seen one or two of them here. Good illustration.

we don’t have traffic lights in my nearest town and they only recently put in a roundabout ( dougnut ) and everyone pretty much drives over it !
take care


We call them roundabouts down here in the Southeast. I really like them, and James you are so right that many do not know how to use them. I’ve almost been creamed several times. Some people don’t understand that they don’t have the right of way when entering the circle.

Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
And though she feels as if she’s in a play
She is anyway

Beatles - Penny Lane Lyrics