‘A thiought; can stop your heart.’ Is that really true?

I have hateful thinking. But today I’m going to sacrifice the self control and break the (vapid) and thin veneer of my Dads ‘positivity.’

He will have an arrow in his quiver when he says ‘you’ve got me pissed off now’.

Does anyone out there realize or know this personality type? I BELIEVE we need group counseling, but he doesn’t/won’t/can’t.

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Angry dad
I think he is so stressed that a fly on the wall breaks the camels back. Maybe he means: please not now, not yet any problems but not this one. Deal with it yourself when you can. I help you. You help me.

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The shame felt from the hate has caused me to do good deeds out there. Bordering on inappropriate that’s how generous.

Not a braggart here; just want to remind fhat people can be really really complicated.

I joke as a yankee fan that I’m much more Arod than Jeter. It’s a NICE analogy because I think they both found happiness even if one has a little more than the other.

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Just to clarify Arod is more of a complicated soul or atleast that’s the definite impression he used to give. And females don’t I don’t think want ‘complicated’ in their men.

Just editing here bc I didn’t want to convey that AROD was or had hateful thinking. He didn’t.

I guess he lied though about roids. But last I heard he had found a second act as sports analyst/commentator.

(I knew this belonged in the lounge section. Lol).

My friend Sue gets new professionals working with her, and after awhile, they say she is “complicated.” It sounds like a dis to me.

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I know still it was self deprecation of me. And Arod strikes me as a man whose mind is like a pancake while Jeter is more of an arrow.

The latter became an owner, the former is still part of labor?

Thus I said they found happiness even if one has more than the other.

I thought I wanted to kill a stalker once, who was killing me and supernatural forces tried to kill me. I just don’t understand why they let everyone else get away with murder.

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I’m sure no one is stalking you but to be fair I think all my stuff is real too : ). Haha

They’re out in the streets, many nights telling lies.

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Yeah, a nightmare to be involuntary homeless.

I don’t always feel the same way but in this time and place I want to tell you to give them the benefit of the doubt… if possible.

We must remind ourselves sometimes that when you put a hand through a glass window, most of the wound(s) come from pulling your hand back or out too fast.

I’m full of analogies

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Uncontrolled anger can be very painful for all involved.

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A thought can nearly stop your heart. Like your wife saying, “I’m pregnant.”

Good luck with your dad. If he really bothers you I just suggest avoiding. Associating with family is not mandatory, despite advice to the contrary.

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Yes I’ve done some avoiding. But he’s got me for now… in other words the avoiding of him will come at a cost too!!

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