A thank you to @jukebox

What upset me the most about what I perceived to be an attack by you, @jukebox, is that you made me see myself more clearly. I retreated because I had to “regroup” and come to terms with questions that you unwittingly raised.
Thank you for your honesty and openness. I hope you’re feeling/thinking better. I want us all to find some peace of mind.


I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner to reply. It’s pay day and that means I have to run a lot of errands…dear @Hedgehog you are so precious a friend to me that I was really sad when you thought I was picking on you. I guess I could’ve been a little nicer in my post and I apologize. you have your cross to bear with not being on medications. You really would be happier is why I mentioned it. I guess I can’t really boast about being stable myself honey. My grandfather’s ghost visited me when he died in the eighties and I never forgot it. Then I thought when I was ill that I was helping Jesus to return to earth. I think I am open to the spirit world. that’s why there’s a portal in my bedroom…haha

Anyways, I love you and thank you so much for telling me that.


You’re so sweet, @jukebox. I forget sometimes. In my mind, anyone can attack at any time…
Anyway, thank you for your friendship on here. I appreciate you! :heart:

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you are dear to me @Hedgehog I won’t hurt you again. I promise. my friend.

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Okay you two…time to get a room! :wink:

Your relentless sex jokes are on my nerves…I love Hedgehog as a friend.

Oh, lighten up…always so touchy, finger pointy and high strung when someone else’s post doesn’t suit your fancy.

@PatrickT are you on meds now? If you aren’t I don’t want to argue with you dude. your soapy genitals joke was bad and stuck a picture in my head, I don’t need a bunch of gross ■■■■■ jokes.