A tale of mental illness | Elyn Saks

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Anybody like this kinda stuff?


There’s a couple schizophrenia TED Talks other than Elyn. Elyn herself has appeared in a few different news stories and documentaries. I love hearing from her and others like her. Only problem is I’ve seen all the ted talks and all the documentaries!


Yeah, she’s great! Neurodiversity makes me glad, also people like Temple Grandin.

Yay for neurodiversity!

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Elyn was one of my main inspirations to keep fighting when I first got sick…anyone else share that sentiment?

a bit so with me also. elyn gave me hope and some light in my life.


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Me too! She and also pat deegan!

I hope me posting these videos has turned someone on to Elyn Saks and Temple Grandin, two women whom I would consider great thinkers and outstanding examples of exemplary determination and creativity even among people who do not suffer from conditions like ours.

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Elyn saks deserves every bump I got, she’s the greatest of all time

She’s my hero

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Elyn saks is awesome I watched a bunch of her videos. I watch and comment on schizophrenia videos on YouTube all the time
Love it

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Cool! Me too. 15

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Yes so do I. Ive seen some of these but not all of them

My mom watched it, it helped her understand my struggle better.

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