A SZ story

When I was back home from the psychatry i was slightly paranoid, more than before.

I felt someone is observing me, someone was in my house.

I thought I locked the door when i was gone to the beach, it was wide open when i came back.

A door with a simple normal lock.

Again and again, when I was shopping i felt something is different, some papers were not there, weeks later i found them.
Furniture was not at the exact place.

Once i called the police, a coin was lost.

The police came, they told me it’s not a secure lock.

One officer took the coin inconspicuous without to say anything.

I left it on a ledge, i forgot it, shame on me…

The question now is :

How could know the officer where I left it ?

I’m feeling more secure since i have a very big secure lock at my door.

I always lock my door when I leave the house, I even lock it when I’m in another room incase someone comes in to steal something or hurt me.

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I also lock when i leave house
lest they steal my LPs or my books

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It just happend by coincidence. Some things can not be explained

At night i put the keys on the doorknob, so i would wake up if somebody has the key for the door.

coincidence of what ?

Accidentally looking were the coin was. Sorry, my bad.

You can’t see a very thin and small coin over your head in the dark.

I thought it were fake cops lol

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Maybe since you put it there it was just a convenient location to put it which is why it was there in the first place.

Don’t burn down your house with your candle.

The last sentence of the officer that evening.

The coin is a sixth part of 1

The funny thing that it’s not away, it’s simply om another place.

Doesn’t matter, it’s changeable money, I found it whilst work in an old house together with a letter, the new owner was very happy about that history of his house.

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