A sound mind

If you look up a sound mind in bible concordance it means (sound)(safe). This blew mr away as sz is the opposite. I cant give myself credit, but i can tell you some ways my mind has become sound. First was listening to one christian teacher for a year. I had to reprogram my mind with it and get rid of a lot of the junk ive learned. Second was mantras. A lot more. There would be to many to mention. Check out my YouTube site. Type in. God,schizophrenia. I should pop up somewhere. The page is : Schizophrenia healed by the great physician

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Your imaginary friend can’t heal anyone’s schizophrenia and it’s dangerous to lead people on that it can.

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Just my personal experience. I still take meds and without them idk, but my mind is safe.

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I understand what you’re saying. That’s all. I’m not going to say anything else

I got off meds and almost lost it

Anyway. Glad you’re on meds now and doing ok. I hope things keep improving for you.

Religion helps with peace of mind, but it doesn’t reduce the brain inflammation which seems to be the main culprit behind symptoms. Antipsychotics help though, and arguably some supplements.

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