A reminder, religion topics

Lol…yeah but I can bring it back to religion.


I’m super bored right now. Can you tell? Lol I’ve already driven my family upstairs and I’ve only been quarantined for five and a half hours. :pleading_face:


Mainly I’m working on bumping this up so people will keep seeing it. Is it working? :grin:

Do you have any movies you can watch?

Watching movies is my usual hobby when I’m bored. :slight_smile:

Yah I got a few shows going on Hulu. Haven’t found much to catch my interest though.

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You should check Outlander. It’s free on demand from Spectrum. At least I think it is for everyone. I am not sure if we have Starz or not, but I can access Outlander on my spectrum account.

It’s an awesome show. I’d love to have someone to talk about it with.

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It on amazon because we get starz. I think I’ll give it a whack tonight. You are just trying to shoo me away now. Just speak the truth! Lol

No, I’m trying to get a show buddy. I have a couple friends that watch it on FB. But they are so far ahead of me.

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I’m watching it right now. So much blood in the first 15 seconds. Buckle up!

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@anon78876561 is very blabby tonight…a wonderful sign she is improving! Awesome to see! :wink:


There be naughty scenes in later shows. Do NOT watch with kids around!

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Niiiiiiiice. I mean, that’s cool. Lol

I think it’s the morphine and other drugs I’m on. Now we know what makes happy. :wink:

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Thank you for the reminder ZombieMombie.



@ZombieMombie my cousin begged me to watch Outlander…she said it was sex and violence. I still haven’t watched any but I will now just since you like it so much.

It’s a great show!

My mum loves that show! She owns all the books as well

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