A Regret of Mine

After working for 15 years and having nothing to show for it I became disenchanted and decided not to work anymore. Oh I did some college during that time but only did one class at a time and have little to show for that effort. Now the state allowed for a higher salary to be made before you lose disability which was one of my main objections to working in the first place. They haven’t gotten rid of my other objection which is the limit on the amount you can keep but I was encouraged to try to work. But now I find it nearly impossible to get a job because I’ve had a long time from work, and am not skilled at very much. I also don’t have the physical ability to do the things I used to do due to my feet becoming arthritic. I regret that I didn’t try to stay in the labor force. In my lifetime the US disability system changed from not being able to work at all to having limited opportunities. For those of you working and hoping for better times I encourage you to keep at it because things may get better. For one thing the government is beginning to understand a little better that when you have a $2,000+ a month pharmacy bill you are going to have a difficult time working your way off disability. The working on disability situation is still unfair but it has improved and hopefully will continue to do so.