A Q&A Session: Who would you want to ask about mental illness and schizophrenia?

If,(wink, wink), schizophrenia.com were to conduct a series of Q&A sessions with various people associated with mental health and schizophrenia, who would you like to see involved?

Here’s a small list of some people I’d find interesting:

Dr. Fred Freese, outspoken advocate for the mentally ill
Professor Robert Sapolsky, very knowledgeable about schizophrenia
Elyn Saks, very successful schizophrenic
John Nash, very famous schizophrenic
Michael Shannon, actor who plays many mentally ill characters
Mary Ellen Copeland, creator of the WRAP plan

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imagine if those people actually posted on here some time haha that would be amazing haha

i’d love to hear what they thought about some of the things on here

i’d like to speak to Elyn Saks out of them all i think.

What will most likely happen is that we would collect a number of questions from people on the forum and then send them to the person. They would then return the answers which would be published.

I would want to speak to a famous or successful schizophrenic that suffers with negative symptoms or crippling paranoia like I do - I doubt there are many of them if any at all. Controlled positive symptoms through medication is one thing, Im sure a lot can be achieved. If you have a lot of negative symptoms like I have, very little can be achieved or accomplished. But Robert Sapolsky is someone I would want to probably communicate with, although since he doesn’t live with the illness himself, there would be very little he could offer me, except knowledge. He would not be a role model. I would love to talk to John Nash

Hunter S Thompson
Grandfather that Tom Brown Jr learned from

Might be tough getting them to answer since they’re dead.

Doesn’t seem like many people are interested in this idea. That’s a shame, I think it would have been awesome.

Could be because we don’t really want our lives and thoughts put on display for the world to dissect or be entertained by, and writers don’t do a good job getting anything across besides their own interpretation. (hence my answers, I really do want them to do an interview. And actually, Grandfather could make it back to this side)
I got interviewed for the paper where I live, and the end result was terrible. I got compared to mass shooters, and she tried to explain some of my head stuff and got it totally backwards. Said what neighborhood I live in and medication info. They said the article was to promote the program I’m in so people can stay out of the hospital etc. The message of the article was not even close, what a shame.

I do like the idea. It’s a very good one. But I would truly have NO idea what I would want to ask them.

I admire Elyn Saks very much and she does inspire me. But after her book, I wouldn’t know what more to ask. I’d be interested in her fight with cancer on TOP of SZ, but that would just be more of morbid interest, not because I have cancer.

John Nash is also another one I’d have no idea what to ask. He’s a famous economist. I know nothing about economy. What if he was tired of talking about his SZ and wanted to talk about the meat and potatoes that got him the Nobel? I wouldn’t know what to say.

This would be something to ponder. Maybe find people who are good in the field but not so famous that everyone knows their story. I’d say why not keep putting this idea out there.

That’s why I posted this thread, to get ideas for people to do a Q&A with. In any case, it doesn’t look like people are interested and I’m not going to waste my time setting things up just to have it fall flat with no participation from the forum.

Are you borderline or are you still trying to diagnose me like in that rude post a couple weeks ago. I just hope you can one day overcome these issues with others and interactions to where they are positive. Sending light and love still.

I had no knowledge or preconceived notion of your mental health (besides thinking you had been diagnosed sz) before right now, when you told me, thus there would be no way to marginalize you based on anything but what you have typed. The only thing I’ve tried to say to you this whole time is be positive and kind towards others. That is all that matters to me


Lets focus on the topic at hand here - people to invite and participate in an interview/ discussion here on the site. I think this is a really good idea that Malvok has had and I encourage it and will support it - it will benefit everyone here.

Here are some ideas I’ve had in terms of people I’d like to see:

Tom Harrell, Jazz Musician

Dr. James Watson (or his son) (Dr. Watson is co-discover of DNA and Nobel Prize winner, and his son has schizophrenia)

Prominent shaman of some kind from somewhere.

I must ask them about who i have been told is named pan, and the shadow people, and the alien i saw, and the ufo, and the light being in the tree, and the ghost that looked human, and the spirit who became the movie i was watching(only visually of course), and the large serpent made of light that appeared to me(they talk about that sometimes), and the giants, and the lion eyes i saw, and the other stuff that i don’t want to type.

All of these things it is recorded they have seen all throughout our time on earth, and from every area throughout those times.

Yeah i’ve got some questions at this point for those guys, namely could they possibly work something out as to where im left the ■■■■ alone.

John nash also, i would love to find out just how his theory came about, if he is like me then someone may have told him.

And john nash’s son of course, i love how on the youtube video the discussion was on schizophrenia but he started talking about how his father neglects him instead, totally understandeable, fathers do that normally. We could swap stories about visual hallucinations and who in the hell that was telling him to stand in the highway, if he is like me somebody tricked him into standing in a highway.

Hell why not, let’s get some bonafide witches on here to, im not kidding, some if not all of them could tell us all about certain kinds of visual hallucinations, i’ve seen it for myself, could be freaky though but who cares at this point anyway right! Im not kidding, sorry malvok i know it annoys you to say the least, but either that guy was a witch or he had some kind of hallucination machine under the table, it’s one of the two.

I would also perhaps like to talk to the guy who had his face eaten off that time in florida, he’s the only one with the gritty details, we should know if the guy doing the eating said anything before it happened and what he said exactly because in my awful line of work that entire thing looked very odd, like that kind of “holy ■■■■ there is a spirit in my head” kind of odd.

Also, and this isn’t a joke, we’ve got to ask that schizophrenic who beheaded the guy on the canadian bus what in the hell was happening to him exactly, i’ve heard only some of the story and im sure they may be leaving certain things out. Guy thought for some odd reason that there were aliens taking over and he was the one that could save everybody, once again after seeing what i have that just sounds like another one of those “uh oh! someone is in my mind and i don’t know who it is and im going to be tricked into hurting someone” kind of things.

There is also a cult out in the russian countryside happening right now tonight, you can see it on “vice” videos on youtube, one of the participants out there mentioned “whomever” flying around in the sky sometimes, i don’t know why they think that guy is the actual messiah returned to earth but im sure he didn’t just walk up to random people and say “im the messiah” and then they said “okay”. So id like to ask all of them some questions actually, and yes it pertains to my “disease”.

Ill just apologize to malvok in advance, sorry.

Yeah, I’m not much for witches or the supernatural, no secret there. Still, I do appreciate your input.[quote=“pansdisease, post:19, topic:2739”]
we’ve got to ask that schizophrenic who beheaded the guy on the canadian bus what in the hell was happening to him exactly
That’s not really a bad idea. I don’t know anything about the case or his current condition, but exploring what happened would be interesting.

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Yeah, thats what i was thinking, he could clue us in to every little detail that went on, could be helpful or informative actually, and i bring him up because i saw an alien, it was my first hallucination actually and that is no accident at all, the woman on youtube “house4voices” talks about seeing that to, and shaman from all over.

Perhaps he wasn’t though right, i can’t explain the process he used because it was invisible to me but oh yes there was a process most certainly and he made me hallucinate, you should have seen it, it was truely remarkable although he wasn’t using it right at all, that kind of thing could be quite good but he just wasn’t using it right at all.

Im not much for that kind of stuff either, it came to me so now im telling you guys, this guy caused me to hallucinate and then yelled at me he was a witch, it must get fairly annoying knowing these things and not be able to tell anyone i would imagine, you could tell the man was just waiting to tell someone, a load off to actually talk about it. And oh the pain when everyone walks around making fun of it right, they don’t even know it’s real, don’tcha just need to show them some stuff?

i’d like to know what an expert on religion would say about mental health problems, i’m not just talking about christianity though, i’d like to here about other religions take on it as well,

i’d like to here more about nature vs nurture from experts hearing both sides of the debate regarding sz.

‘Seth’ had some interesting things to say.