A Poem: Last

People who have
Never been in love
Ask what it is,
All I know is it doesn’t last.


We don’t come along we are tired we are strong with a hand that writes and quickly moves away we are born upon the cross we must know before the tossed if we’re evil or Divine with everlasting love we are the last in line


All I’ve ever heard is that to make love last is a lot of work past the bloom of first romance.


There is a huge difference between love and infatuation that most people fail to realize. True love is selfless, caring, patient. Infatuation stems from desire to possess another human being, physically and/or emotionally.


It takes a very long time to come to that insight. Perhaps a failed marriage.

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This is sad. :cry:


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I think love can last but one shouldn’t count on it.

Like love as if it will last, but understand that the worst may happen, and it ends.

Which is okay.

I think with love, you have to want the best for the person instead of seeing them sort of like a possession.

That way, if it doesn’t last, it is all for the best, not for the ‘worst’

Having said that, I’m new to the love game and uncertain it will happen for me so therefore don’t take these words too seriously :slight_smile:

But I believe there’s a grain of truth in it nevertheless…


Very wise words @LittleMissSlothy

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Aw thanks :blush: everhopeful.

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I have found that your love doesn’t go away, just because the relationship ended. I have have stayed friends with a couple of my exes, and still love them dearly. It’s actually easier to love them now, then when we were together


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