A Poem: Probably

If you have to ask
What does he/she want
Then it’s probably
Not you.


Respectful counter thought.

Maybe something we do naturally is exactly what they want, but we’re too scared to open up and ask.

I’d of dated a lot more in my 20’s had I the bravery to engage. It was self defeating behavior.

I also believe there is no time limit to finding someone.

Good one E.H., thank you. Always great for sparking thoughts.


I won’t say soulmate because that concept just got bashed on another thread but the guy that got away from me was a nice shy guy too. Because I am old fashioned female I just kept waiting and waiting for him but it never happened for me/us. I keep thinking that I see him and I do ask myself what does he want now…after all this time? But yes it is just a daydream/hallucination. Sigh!

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