A poem I wrote - "The Many Fathered Son"

He wondered why he’d had so many daddies
And why they all had to be so mean
His mother said she was sorry such things happened
But their cupboard was bare, the clothes they wore weren’t clean
They needed money, they needed a provider
And his mother had many awful ghosts inside her
The neighbors looked down upon their plight
They said the many fathered son was a fright
When one daddy left, another was right behind
While the many fathered son slowly lost his mind
His mother told him he was special, he was great
But for true tenderness he’d have to wait
She gave him what love she could
But when men treated her like dirt
She felt like wood
When one man came who she thought would stay
Her wild eyed boy went astray
All the men who had treated her so badly
And while she was so young
Loved her so madly
Would not leave the young man’s mind
So he took a shotgun and went to find
Another young woman who would enjoy the fun
While they traveled cross country, with his gun
When her wild young boy was caught
She pleaded for his life
She found the words, of a good mother and wife
While her wild young boy sat with his eyes gleaming
Down her cheeks the tears were streaming
"You see, this boy, he had so many daddies"
That while she was so young
Loved her so madly.


Great poem Crimby, especially the last few lines.

Thanks. It went over big in jail.


Great Poem, Crimby. I know a 5 year old in that very plight as we speak.

very deep. very moving

Thank you …

It seems to be a situation that develops fairly often.

"What we talk about when we talk about love"
James Carver, short story, and full book of stories.

Dragging woman across the room, beating her, when both call it love, or need,
the child learns
tactics of survival.

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That’s a great poem @crimby

Thank you …

@crimby I really enjoyed your poem, and especially these two lines.

Thank you …

Nice. It reminds me of this kid with whom I was in the hospital in Dallas. He could tell stories of his family life that were from the twilight zone. I’m afraid he had internalized the violence he grew up with.

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