Poem: "The Many Fathered Son". (could be triggering)

He wondered why he’d had so many daddies,
And why they all had to be so mean,
His mother said she was sorry such things happened,
But their cupboard was bare, the clothes they wore weren’t clean.
They needed money; they needed a provider,
And his mother had many awful ghosts inside her.
The neighbors looked down upon their plight,
They said the many fathered son was a fright,
When one daddy left, another was right behind,
While the many fathered son slowly lost his mind.
His mother told him he was special; he was great,
But for true tenderness he’d have to wait,
His mother gave him what love she could,
But when men treated her like dirt, she felt like wood.
When one man came who she thought would stay,
Her wild eyed boy went astray.
All the men who had treated her so badly,
And while she was so young, loved her so madly,
Would not leave the young man’s mind.
So he took a shotgun, and went to find,
Another young woman who would enjoy the fun,
While they traveled cross country, with his gun.
When her wild young boy was caught,
She pleaded for his life.
She found the words, of a good mother and wife,
While her wild young boy sat with his eyes gleaming,
Down her cheeks, the tears were streaming,
“You see, this boy, he had so many daddies”,
That while she was so young,
Loved her so madly.


This poem is based on a real situation. I’ve started to wonder about what the husband/stepfather feels in this situation. Dealing with a house full of kids isn’t easy, even when they’re your own. I think that sometimes the stepfather is sometimes viewed as an invader and a free loader by the kids. That doesn’t excuse some of the behavior from step fathers that I’ve heard about, though.

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