A Poem: Fine

People in real life,
Doing things your own way
Instead of my way is fine
Until you suddenly want help


Makes me think of my family. They would tout my grades and test scores, tell me and others “how smart” I am. But when things got hard they wouldn’t give my opinion a passing thought and disregard me.

Left me sore. Made me doubt my own decision. Insecurities.

I think your opinion is valid. Maybe those close to us would have been better off if they listened. That’s not for me to speculate. They stand by their choice.

Good one EH!

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In fact, I took your advice yesterday. Talked to my doctor about trying a new med. I remembered you talking to me about it.

We’re keeping the Zyprexa, it works wonders for the voices. Going to add on Geodon again. I tolerated that one well, and my thinking was positive.

So thank you EH.

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Best of luck with the med change. Fingers crossed it works out.

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