A Poem: Feel

Do you really want to
Live like a normie
Or do you just want to
Feel like they feel


One question. What does it mean when people say they cannot feel emotions and stuff?

I never understood what that means.

I visited a therapist once who said that you don’t feel anything because of anxiety. So, I was wondering what is it like to feel the world? Can you give any examples?

I suffer from negative symptoms so my feelings are very muted. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be any other way.

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I want to feel like they feel. Lack of emotion is practically the only thing that reminds me that I have an illness.

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But can you give an example of what it means to feel/have emotions?

I am wondering if I suffer this symptom as well?

Well it’s hard to put into words. But I don’t feel the crispness and vividness of life anymore. Everything feels more dreamy, not real. If I go outside I don’t feel the life of the city/world. I can’t cry, although I can laugh at stuff, but it doesn’t come as easy. Just flatter emotions all round.

Well, to be honest, I have always been like that. I don’t remember having much emotions. Perhaps, it is just personality in my case.

Yeah maybe… for me I think it’s a combination of meds and a brain that has gone haywire.


lol. I wish I could feel the world for a moment and see what it is like. I am happy this way, though. Sometimes, others come across as to emotional too be honest.

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