What is life like without feeling?

To feel is to feel. Feel as much as you can and your brain will feel as free as it can. Hey everyone i would also life to ask you do you think your feeling your own emotions all the time? Have you ever noticed you eye’s water for no reason. Maybe there was a reason but was it your emotions that led to your eye’s watering.

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Pink Flyod;s “The Wall” comes to mind

Are you sure about that?

Finda. This post has to do with my Brain cleaner and Brain cleaner 2. If you can’t feel something then you need to start cleaning.

I have many feelings.

Unfathomable sadness, deep rages, terror, stress, a wide array of deep feelings.

My eyes are becoming darker and darker underneath and i don’t smile anymore, i don’t laugh either, i cackle.

My eye’s don’t water for no reason… I know exactly what thoughts will trigger the watering eyes.

I went from being so numb and wax covered and feeling nothing to my current state of feeling a lot of stuff.

I think I was so shut down that for a while… feeling anything seemed extreme to me. I’m trying to find that state of level.

I think feeling is always going to be there somehow… I remember a time when I thought I had no feeling, but it was just me in a psychotic state ignoring the true emotions I was having.

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