A new but old diagnosis

Just finished speaking with my new therapist.
She’s frankly a top notch pro.

So far I am really liking her style.

She sees psychotic patients on a daily basis and works in a psychiatric hospital.

She diagnosed me with Schizoaffective disorder.

She seemed confident in this diagnosis.

I told her that I totally agreed.

She also feels that I’m extremely high functioning for someone afflicted with SZA.

I really like her so far.

I feel hopeful coming out of each session.

She’s giving me these homework assignments and I feel she’s familiar with CBT for psychosis.

So far so good.


It’s not really a therapist’s place to hand out a psychiatric diagnosis.

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I asked her.

She says she has to diagnose for insurance purposes.

Regardless I agree with her.

She’s no typical therapist.

She knows her stuff.

I’ve dealt with tons of therapists before.


She’s a licensed clinical social worker working in a hospital setting.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers can diagnose patients/clients.


To be honest I don’t think my psychiatrist is being straight forward with me.

She’s always been on the fence with my diagnosis.

Bipolar disorder is less stigmatizing but by not being fully honest with me she’s not doing me any favors.

You are certainly high functioning, very smart guy with lots of experience and wisdom.

The one guy I always think of when coming back on here!

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Thanks @SaintSeiya!
I’m glad to see you back on here!

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Anytime man I always find your topics and advice correct, you have been on Risperidone/Risperdal a long time now do you ever get frustrated with it? Or does it serve you well in terms of its side effects and its therapeutic use? You ever had consta before?

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It’s not without side effects but overall I’m happy with it.

Are you still on risperidone @SaintSeiya?

What dose are you on?

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No never had Consta before.

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Im off it man I was on 4mg in past tablet version only was brand green Risperdal then was switched to generic Risperidone thats when I noticed side effects got more heavy on me especially Risperidone brown tablet version the white ones were bit better!

1-2mg was much more tolerated id say 1mg at most for me any higher and its side effects

Mirtazapine is the go to med man very useful stuff

As for Abilify man that stuff is bad for me

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Same I heard Consta is not as good and can be to much for ones body, but it keeps the weight off more and possibly less prolactin effects?

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Well good luck with everything @SaintSeiya
It’s really good to see you.

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Thanks man I am still on a journey much like yourself, still going strong despite the problems

Its good to see you to its like it was only yesterday when we first talked on here and everyone was blowing up at me over the risperdal posts I made but you had my back and for that I’m thankful.

Thats what makes this forum great how its a place to say your experience and for it not be to taken down it can help someone who is in need takes there mind off the situation there in and relate to others.

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It always amazes me why many people will stay with a lousy doctor.

If I get an off vibe on my very first visit, I look for another doctor. I don’t put up with nonsense…no patience for it at all…especially when it comes to my own mental health.


You’re definitely high functioning @Wave I was on Consta for about 9 years. Then, since being here, went on Invega monthly and now on Invega 3 monthly.

A part of me gets hung up on the dx. While another knows it’s far from the most consistent thing about psychiatry.That symptom control is far more important

1975-1983 -schizophrenia,schizophrenia + disorder of gender identity,schizophrenia + personality disorder
1983- 2005- schizoaffective mixed type/occasionally bipolar disorder
2005- ? personality disorder NOS
?- 2018 paranoid pd
2018 schizophrenia
2019 schizoaffective +ASD
2020 schizophrenia + ASD

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This varies from country to country. Psychiatrists are often bad at diagnosing people here.

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