A Miracle...Trying to stay positive


A Miracle most people wish and pray for, but Miracles are here every day.
As an example :

  1. The Sky above your head.

  2. The ground you walk upon everyday.

  3. The Air we breathe.

  4. The people you give your love to and “Hopefully” Recieve back from as well.

These are just minor examples of Miracles. Can you give a few?


A miracle I’m still in tact mentally somewhat after all my mind has gone through.


The internet!

I’m watching something awesome on youtube, browsing recipes (I might try to cook more often) online, and maintaining texting with a couple people. Also checking back with the forum once and awhile.

Without the internet I’d just be reading and lying down all the time.


The church will definitely tell you that miracles are happening everyday. I expect this post to be deleted though.


why it’s not religious based.


Miracle I’m still here


thank you for this thread…yes all you said are actually miracles…thank you. I feel better…I guess it’s a miracle the way flowers grow…and the grass and trees.


A Miracle is music as well here is an example below :


I guess it’s a miracle I gave up booze thanks to A.A.


It’s a miracle I’m still here.


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