Miracles are real

Can u name a miracle in your life?
I have a major one but when I tell anyone I feel like they only think it’s part of my sz…

The birth of my twin daughters. My wife didn’t think she was able to conceive. Nice surprise!


When i was delusional i thought that i could pray for something to happen and it will happen. Like i would watch a live soccer match for example and pray for the weak team to beat the stronger team and it would happen. i started writing down who i prayed for and who would win the game for like 30 or so different games and the weaker team that i prayed for for the most time won. Now, i think that it is just a coincidence that they won and have nothing to do with me praying because i wrote it down again and my teams would lose badly to the strongest teams.

Itsme, what is a major miracle in your life if you don’t mind me asking…

I prayed to take a break from life and the Lord sent me back in my life and allowed e to relive a time period till I started at the point I left off at… I’ve been having what some call dejavu in almost every activity I do lately and I know this is what it is cause I remember praying for it in these same situation before this current time…

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Kicking a nasty crack habit after being addicted to it for four years. I got clean in 1990 and for the last 26 years I have not touched drugs or alcohol.