A microcosim of life

I got up early to go grocery shopping. I hit the warehouse store at 6:00 am when it opened. I got most of what I wanted and I was wheeling my shopping cart to the checkout line and came across a worker stocking shelves blocking the aisle. He saw me and rolled his eyes. I politely asked if I should go around to another aisle and the guy just gave me an attitude and barely awkkwoledeged I had spoken. I walked away a little angry but mostly surprised as to why he acted like an as’hole after I was so polite to him. And I needef that to wake up and realize that there are real as"holes out there in the world. My sisters would have said that maybe he was having a bad day and he had problems. But to me that does not excuse his behaviour. But I went up to checkout and the young woman gave me my favorite look. People who “get” me realize I may be over half a century old but I am friendly and I mean no one any harm. So I smiled and she was cool and we chatted and I walked out feeling good .Her friendliness canceled out the rudeness of the jerk earlier.


Some people are just miserable. Walk a mile in their shoes.

Yeah I hear you @77nick77.
There are a lot of jerks out there but there are also some good or positive people out there too.
I sometimes refer to these kind hearted folks as “angels”.


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