A lonely person

Nothing fills the hole of emptiness inside
No longer bitter but no courage left either
Trampling along day by day
In my own little world full of struggles and dismay
Glimmer of hope in my heart that someone will hear my plea
Dead and buried long are we

A poem


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Each day is long and i am blessed not to have to endure a working life because schizophrenia would make that utterly hell.
I do my best with what little i have making the most of a reduced life.
There may come a time with all my fight that i overcome the illness but i haven’t succeeded so far and im getting older too
Maybe a new med and persevering would help
Its a lonely road im on as i cant deal with people or stress so i lead a quiet life avoiding as much as i can

This lonely person gets plenty of views but nothing

Sorry to hear you’re struggling @Ducky

Sending good vibes your way.

Are we not all struggling with something here? And thats why we’re here?

You’re absolutely right.

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This wasn’t intended as a creative thread it was just me chatting about loneliness with people supposed to be

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