A little bit of sunshine

Hey guys. I don’t know if any of you remember me but this website was my escape from reality when reality started to slip for me. When I was at my lowest deep down in psychosis I never would’ve thought I’d be in the headspace I’m in today. I’ve been psychosis free for 2 months now, when it was at its worst I came close to taking my own eyes out. Today I have a loving family back and a boyfriend who I love more than anything. I’m happy and healthy applying to continue my post secondary education. I’m putting this out there because I know what it feels like to not trust your own senses and people that you care about the most. Believe me that with the proper medication and support you can come on the other side and be the person you believe you once were before psychosis striked. Keep in mind that nostalgia is a lying b*tch and you might already be that person you are trying to go back to being. I love and appreacite you all, please have faith and stay strong. It won’t always be like this and there is a better tomorrow for all of us.

Cool thanks !

What meds are you on ?

You’re welcome!

I’m currently on Abilify 20mg and Zoloft 50mg

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