I'm by no means "cured"

I still have a little bit of delusional kind of stuff but I don’t really care about it anymore. I’m just feeling much more relaxed. I still stress a bit but nothing too bad. I really think I’ve found a good med combo. My sister said that she can tell I’m not in such a fog. My mind is clearer. I can cope better in things I’m not used to. I’m thankful.


Good to hear. I don’t do too badly myself. Enjoying life regardless really does help and having good friends and family is something so beneficial if you have it.

Well done to you!


I’m just so thankful for the improvement dropping lithium and starting zoloft has made.

I’m glad to hear things are well with you too :blush:


That’s great to hear. So are you taking lithium and Zoloft only or is there more to the combo?

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No more lithium.
My current cocktail is clozapine, zoloft and lamotrigine. It seems like a good mix

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wow, that’s great! I’m glad you’re feeling so good.

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Me too. Recently, my illness triggered my PTSD and caused a breakdown in my mental health. I’ve been paranoid and thinking that videos are trying to send messages to me.

But technically, I am still in remission due to no hallucinations. I still stress a lot but still it’s a lot better than when I had my psychotic episodes.

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