A little bit about my sexuality

Hi, so how can I put it, last year I only masturbated 4 times and had sex one time and didn’t even had a orgasm that time. This has never happened before with me. I used to have sex in relationships and out of relationships I used to have interess in sex. In the past i’ve masturbated like 4 times a day. So I don’t know what has been happening to me. I don’t care about sex and sometimes it disgustes me. Has this happended to you before?

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what meds your on its probably that

It’s probably high prolactin playing the game. It is the meds you use.

Welcome to the realities of AP meds!

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I’m in the same boat

I went no sex or masturbating for years just had no drive

Got psoriasis in my vagina
And I itched it and it spread to my face.

Sorry for the detail.

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I rarely masturbate. I have no sex drive.
Sometimes I feel disgusted by sex

I masturbated one time in my life and only had something like sex one time at age 11 when I didn’t know what was going on. I used to be interested in having imaginary sex with my voices until I quit porn in recent years at which point that stopped almost altogether. I’m definitely not a sexual person.

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