A little about my father

Talking to my dad when I first got sick saved my sanity and later on, probably my life. I’ve written this before but I could talk to him about almost anything. He was my biggest supporter. We used to talk about sex, violence, my delusions and paranoia, our family, his life money, I owe everything to my dad and to a lesser degree, the rest of my family. Before he died 6 years ago we talked on the phone at least once a week for 25 years and when he started having problems later in his life I felt honored that he talked over his problems with me and used me to vent his frustrations. I was his best man at his wedding to my step-mom. Yeah, me in a tuxedo in Las Vegas, standing up in front of twenty people, while he exchanged vows with my step-mom !! I used to have a bad habit of telling off-color jokes. Well, I remember after the ceremony at the reception in the hotel I was required, as best man, to make a toast in front of everybody. I remember my dad leaning over to me with a worried look on his face and whispering," Don’t say anything embarrassing"! Lol. I made some generic toast and I did fine. I miss him. He was cool and led an interesting life. He was born during the depression and was poor. He joined the Navy right out of high school with all his friends and saw action in the Korean War. He was not the best looking guy but he was one of those guys who always had a girlfriend. He was quite charming and always tried to impart that to me. We used to eat out at restaurants often, even though I was sick and he was always encouraging me to smile at the waitresses and he coached me on what to say. I don’t have the greatest confidence in the world but he always tried to tell me that I was good-looking. He always used to say, “Boy, if I looked like you when I was younger, there would have been no stopping me with women”. He always tried to cheer me up and make me feel good. He was certainly no angel, he could be a mean and sarcastic when threatened, and had a bad temper but he was also kind, patient, fair, and a generally nice guy. He imparted a great work ethic to me. He once told me that most jobs took about 3 months before you can really know what the job is all about. I tried a bunch of different jobs through the years and when I sometimes complained about hard tasks that took a couple weeks he always replied," I can do ANY job for two weeks". A little exaggeration on his part but I got his point. He didn’t graduate from college but he was VERY smart and could talk intelligently about a wide range of subjects. His vocation was as a surveyor and he taught himself trigonometry on the job. Amazing. He worked for the state most of his life and though it wasn’t the best paying job, he kept our family in REALLY nice cities, we ate good, we dressed nice, we had a few luxuries. Our standard of living was actually pretty good. Anyway, I just got up from a nap and read a couple posts that brought the memories flooding back. I always wince a little when some people treat their families almost as enemies. Because parents here only want the best for their children and are our greatest supporters, but too many people can’t see that. Anyways, I’m glad I had this forum to share a little about my father. Thanks.