A litle scared...financial problems

this month we had a lot of help from family to make it through february…next month zero help from family and my mom will be in switzerland all month…I hope I stretch my paycheck to support us next month !!


I don’t have money trouble. Try not to live beyond your means.

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I hope you make it through the month without too much trouble @jukebox. Me and my friend get extra help from our families too.
It’s not always easy paying our bills, sometimes there are unexpected expenses, but we do okay most of the time. Hope you continue to do okay too.


@eighteyedspy23 thank you bro…I guess we will just eat a lot of beans…maybe Angie’s business will take off and we won’t have to worry…you made me feel better thanks.

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I’m sorry about the stress you are facing @jukebox.

Are there any food pantries, and/or churches that help people out with food where you’re located at?

I’ve been to those myself quite a few times in the past.

It’s amazing how many good people that are still in this world willing to help.

Blessings and peace to you and Angie on your path :v:


yes, we will probably hit the churches too…thanks.


Yeah some good programs out there if you need some food. Rent becomes the problem! Hope you get through ok my friend! Keep a tight reign on your exependiture till Angie gets on her feet! Let us know how you go!


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