A hummingbird just flew into our house

The gods were smiling down at us because I got him back out without injury.


It’s the only bird that can fly backwards. How did you get it out?

I trapped him in a drinking cup. He wouldn’t stop flapping at a window.

Humming birds are good luck - expect good luck for giving him/her freedom


OK I’m going to want good luck in a little while when I have to renew my driver’s license.

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Oh cool…I was hoping you meant it flew inside your house rather than into it as in crashed. I’ve had birds hit my window before… :frowning:

Yes, it came in through the open door. I’ve been in homes where birds flew in windows from the outside and, yes, it is sad. It doesn’t happen here. Small windows and trees.

Hummingbirds are majestic creatures. Good deed!

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Poor hummingbirds, gotta feel bad for them, their lives are complete â– â– â– â– .

Not all the time. He was certainly very happy to be freed.

One time I saw a perfect imprint of a birds’ feathery wingspan on a window after the bird flew into it.

Ain’t life grand? Glad everyone is safe

You’re lucky you got off. In Aztec lore hummingbirds are the souls of departed warriors. :wink:

I don’t quite understand. I’m lucky I got off and why? Or lucky the bird got off?

Lucky he didn’t attack you (I was trying to be funny :frowning:) Aztec warriors were pretty brutal people.

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Aztec warrior fight hard and long. He needs rest so takes form of gentle Hummingbird, ability to hover and drink sweet nectar from flowers…
However, Hummingbird being small and agile can be a spy, like flying into houses and camps, then bringing back information for Aztec war party…

(Just kidding…I have no idea…I just made that up to be funny…)


Ohhhhh man you have no idea how wrong you are about hummingbirds. I used to have an Aunt who had a beautiful house (it was small and had so many large doors it felt like you were outside- in a good way) the hummingbirds loved her yard because she fed them and she lived in the middle of the country on her farm. They fight a lot and it isn’t uncommon for them to spear and kill each other with their beaks to get to the spot they want on the feeder. There are other holes to get the sugar water, but they want that one and they will fight to the death over it.

I’ve seen 2 or 3 birds hovering at a feeder and while they sometimes seemed to do an aerial display to determine who would get to the feeder, I never saw them make contact like that. most of the time they would go to different holes so there would be 2 or 3 all feeding at once without problem…