Robin attacking living room window

Woke up this morning and kept hearing loud tapping sounds.
Went to my large living room window and kept seeing this aggressive male Robin attacking it’s reflection on the glass.

There must be s nest nearby and the male bird is protecting its territory.

It’s annoying but at lest I know it’s not a confused and injured bird.


I was a tire man back in the day and was at a church in Ft. Worth, fixing a flat on a bus. A huge black crow started attacking the glass door. I had not considered that it was attacking its reflection. It freaked me out seeing this bird repeatedly dive-bombing the church.

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This bird is repeatedly flying into the glass thinking that it’s reflection is another bird infringing on its territory.

I taped some newspaper on the inside of the window.
Hopefully this works - so far so good.


I have pheasant at my house that taps with its beak against the glass sliding door from morning till night. I think it is in love with its alter ego. It’s very annoying.


Oh man that must be annoying @Fellowman! :smile:

He patrols from one side of the deck to the other side tapping on the glass. It’s not only the noise but he poops on my deck from one side to the other. I tried to chase him away several times. Opened and closed the curtains. But nothing helps. He just loves his own reflection and keeps on coming back


He hasn’t been the same since Batman made his movies without him. :rofl:


Great to hear it worked. I heard a friend said a dog which used to bark in front of mirror would stop barking when it gets used to it.

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My mom has resorted to putting pages from old wall calendars in some of her windows because birds were pecking on the windows and screens. I wonder what her neighbors think about the cute photos of puppies and kittens in her windows? :thinking: :smile:

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