A drawing that I did tonight

She looks friendly!

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you have a good eye; that was something that i was trying to convey in the drawing!

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do you take requests? i choose a Lion lol (its ok if you dont) :laughing: no pressure

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haha you are funny.

umm lion sounds tough, never done animals before.

i will think about it lol

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what about a small one first from a distance? :slight_smile:

i like colour though, i am a colour fiend haha

i am not using paints atm not really in the mood for paints.

i probably wont do it sorry, gotta enjoy what i am drawing or else it is pointless.

if you ever see a portrait that you like to be drawn i will consider it though :slight_smile:

hope you’re well?


tbh i was hoping i could find someone to draw or sketch a picture of my mums dog that passed recently, Noty asking you though, i need to find someone who can do it :slight_smile: idk if you can do that

A girl i fancied drew a picture of me at my clubhouse, i looked a bit like a professor but i kind of treasure it, she recently had a child :slight_smile: i’m trying to find out if she is ok as she is on maternity leave :slight_smile:

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I don’t really know if i know how to draw animals especially the fur, but if the photo looks like something that i could give a try then i could give it a try :))

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did you send her a text?

i could send you a pic and let me know but dsont worry about it, could pay for it somehow if you like, idk how to do that though haha

I only had her email but it bounced back saying sshe was on maternity leave, i asked a couple of other staff now, hopefully we can hear something about it, i know it can be very stressful after giving birth, sleepless nights maybe :frowning:

oh shoot i did not want it to be anything seriously amazing i just meant for fun, nothing extra special to gift someone with.
i guess you might still have to find someone else too then,

sounds like you will maybe have to wait until she returns then to find out how she is doing…

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@Mae its no problem, i could gift a charity on your behalf if thats better for you :slight_smile: or no charge :slight_smile: it was just an idea, i like to give back :slight_smile:

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You just did that tonight?? Its excellent great job!

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That is kind of you MrHappy, but don’t worry about any money

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yea, Thankyou @zwolfgang :grinning: :grinning:

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man, I wish I could do faces like that…I am horrible at portrait painting…I do simple art…yours is so well done…do eight more and you can have an art display (without you being there).

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i like the vibrancy and boldness of your art :))

thanks for the compliments too!

oh thank you…i get more canvas on saturday…can’t wait…

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Interesting fact. The word ‘canvas’ is derived from the word ‘cannabis’ as a lot of canvases were made of hemp fibre


wow that’s great @Mae

you are so talented =O

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