A difficult job

I have applied for court clerk and the interview is coming. I heard that the interview is foing to be difficult. I think the job is a bit stressful because you dont want to make any mistakes. I’m thinking if I should try going to the interview. I think the chance of success is very slim.


I would go anyway as it will be an experience and practice towards getting the right job


I have the interview for an easier job last week. I’m thankful i have applied for that job as it’s a job i think i could manage. I have that interview first which didn’t stress me out.

I need more courage. I need to prepare for judiciary knowledge and it’s a bit difficult. But i have also applied for another post in the legal sector. I think I’m going to get some practice. I’m going to read and study every night.

I agree with @shellys12 that it would be good to just get the experience under your belt, if you feel up to it.

It’s not unusual for requirements to be set very high when the economy is not doing amazingly, there are many more applicants and so employers can be much pickier.

When I worked in human resources for a company in my early 20s, we would sometimes out a job ad for just two positions and get thousands of applicants. I would test hundreds of them. The HR manager would pick maybe a dozen to interview based on the tests, and then hire only 2. This never meant only those 2 could handle the job, usually there would have been hundreds in among the applicants who could have handled the job. It was just with the crappy job market that the HR manager could be extremely picky and there was lots of competition. There were even cases where I am pretty sure someone “won” a job because the HR manager liked their clothes, petty things.

So just do your best, even if you don’t get the job, doesn’t mean you didn’t do well.