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Should I make fruit smoothies with coconut milk or save my milk for another recipe?

always, always always make fruit smoothies is going to be my answer, yummmmm


Well @leafy. Fruit smoothies has a 75% lead. Just waiting for my strawberries and blueberries to defrost. I guess I will make those.

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Awesome, I have to admit I’m a little jealous lol

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Get more coconut milk and do both is a valid choice. Just sayin’.

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I’ve got two cans so I can do both. Hey you should try West African peanut soup. I think you can eat it without teeth. It sounds weird but I really like it.

I don’t drive so I can’t just pick up and run to the store. I don’t mean that in a nasty way. So I have to think sometimes. At any rate I have two cans of milk so it’s all good.

@Loke I think there might be an international shortage of coconut milk. My supermarket has been low on it for weeks. I think most coconut milk comes from Thailand.

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That’s crazy ! I went to the store and there was a 4 can limit on coconut milk. Maybe that’s why.

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West African peanut soup is soooo good! Especially when it’s really spicy. :hot_pepper:

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You don’t need to defrost anything to make smoothies. I worked for Jamba Juice and all the fruits were frozen.

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Yea I use frozen fruits on purpose to make the smoothie cold, I like it cold. I used to put ice with non frozen fruits.

Well idk? You do whatever you heart desires.

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I made some a while back. It was yummy. I followed the recipe but it wasn’t spicy even though I put spicy stuff in it. Maybe I didn’t put enough

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