A clean face


How exactly are you supposed to get the pores on the bridge of your nose clean? I’ve scrubbed them with different cleansers. I got those strips that’s supposed to pull the dirt out. I’ve gotten different masks. I even got a little metal tool with a circle on it to scrap it out. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, they are still little black dots that won’t go away. It’s pissing me off. Tell me what works for you.


I have also dilated pores with bleackheads. I clean them manually… its tough to see them disappear, i know, i know… i made my peace a bit with this, cause everybody has some black heads i find. Sometimes they look to me like freckles :grinning:.


Baking soda.

I scrub with baking soda and water,

Then let the paste kind of sit on my nose for a couple minutes.


Works every time.


I have no advice, I’m skin care dumb, but I just want to check in and make sure this isn’t an OCD thing that you’re scrubbing the skin off your face. Are you okay? Truly?


Yeah there are some baking soda cleansers as well.

Honestly, the more you touch them, the more they will come back. It means you have oily skin.

I personally, sometimes, clean with an extractor and then put a charcoal mask on my nose area for 20 minutes. Then I use an acid toner to remove the oiliness.

I suggest using Pixi Glow Tonic acid toner with a cotton pad morning and evening before a moisturizer.


lol, no it’s not ocd. I just want it clean


Okay. Just be careful.


Sometimes squeezing that stuff out is the way to get rid of it. If cleansers aren’t working then you likely have a bunch of sebum collecting in your pores just sitting there. Warm towel on your face for a few minutes and then squeeze away. Sounds gross I know, but it seems to work. You can try the baking soda thing that goldenrex suggested, too.


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